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Common Queries

Can I drop-in to any class?

We’d love for you to join any of our scheduled classes! We would greatly appreciate if you could let us know when you’re coming in beforehand; our space is small and overcrowded classes can be hazardous to everyone’s safety.

Can I just use the gym for my own training?

Yes! Open gym runs in between class times, after which we kindly ask you to clear up and make way for the group class.
Please note that you are fully responsible for your own safety as well as those around you when you train on your own.
This is our home, we simply ask that you take care of it like your own!

Do I need experience before coming in?

If you’re completely new to exercising, give us a call or come by for a chat and we’ll explain what we’re all about.
You do not need to have prior experience, as we cater to all levels of fitness! 
Having smaller classes means that our coaches can pay more attention to everyone and ensure that they receive the guidance they need.

What if I’m incredibly out of shape and I’m a little terrified about coming in?

You have our promise that you’ll be completely fine.
We’ve had people come in who were fatter, older, weaker, and probably less coordinated than you are, and they walked out of here unscathed (maybe even a little bit happier!).
Have courage, my friend.
The most important thing is that you’ve decided to do something that will lead you to a healthier life.

I have/had an injury. Can I still exercise?

Many of our members have used CrossFit training to rehabilitate their injuries.
As humans, we are constantly in motion regardless of any existing injuries.
We believe that learning the best and safest forms of functional movements, while gaining strength in these movements, as opposed to avoiding them altogether will lead you to long-term health.
Our coaches are always happy to work with you to work around your injuries by scaling or substituting exercises.
That being said, we are not certified physicians so it is important that you consider a professional opinion before undertaking this, or any other, exercise program.

Can I come in for a (free)trial class?

We do not offer free class. We usually request people to join our WOD level 1 or 2 class for the experience. These class are designed to focus on movement basics.

Can I sign up for a membership immediately?

Yes, but we recommend that you come down for a class before you sign up for a membership with us!

What do I need to bring?

You only need yourself! Come in with your workout clothes and towel (shirt, shorts, and sneakers); we’ll provide the rest.

Do you take credit cards, cash and cheques?

Yes- we accept cash, Visa, and Mastercard.

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111C King George's Ave, Singapore 208559


+65 9113 8587


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